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This book is a celebration of Susan Cropper's knitting dream: her world-famous shop in London, Loop. Susan hand-picked and brought together dyers (to craft special colors for this celebration) with designers to create 12 designs that expressed the uniqueness of Loop.

10 is evocative of all of the things that make Loop an amazing shop — creativity, attention to detail, texture, comfort. It is an oasis for people who create.

The designers chosen are all long time collaborators with Loop: Kirsten Kapur, Ysolda Teague, Stephen West, Pam Allen, Claire Montgomerie, Paulina Popiolek, Juju Vail, Meghan Fernandes, Donna Higgins, Rachel Atkinson and Tif Fussell.

Patterns are mostly accessories with three sweaters, four shawls, two pairs of mitts mitts, a caplet, a scarf and a crochet garland with interchangeable motifs Standouts for me are, the Islington Shawl by Kirsten Kapur, the Sprinkle Cardigan by Juju Vail, and the Rosemaling Mitts by Tif Fussell.

Yarn and dyers are showcased in the book by getting their own photos side by side with the pattern and dyers profiled along side the designers in the back. The styling and photography are glorious they are the kind of images that stop time and lower your blood pressure. They are photos saturated with color and a revelry of visual texture.

Here's to another 10 years of Loop!

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