dear friends of a grand yarn


In Libby's earlier post we shared with you the news that we were leaving our location of the last four and a half years on Grand Boulevard.  We have truly loved that space, the beautiful view of the Cathedral from the front window, the wonderful light throughout the day, and all of the wonderful people who have walked through our front door.  The time has come to embrace change and so began our journey into a New Year and a new brick and mortar for A Grand Yarn.   We were not entirely sure how that journey would end but our boxes were packed and loaded last week while we contemplated our next location.


This was a hard and challenging decision for us and given our circumstances it had to be made in a very short amount of time. But decide we did and we are excited to announce that we have found a lovely new storefront in a historic village eight miles from my birthplace in Missouri.  It is a national historic site and a place where I played as a child, took my children for picnics and watched my son get married.  Relocating the brick and mortar portion of our business to the Village of Arrow Rock, Missouri is a good decision for our business and for our family.    But it is a difficult decision to make because we know how much many of you love our Spokane store.  We know that our success would not be without the support of our Spokane customers and we will miss seeing you every day.  Nevertheless, we look forward to this new chapter and to the opportunity to serve you through our online store.  


Having the storefront in Missouri allows me to participate in the management of the store—something I have not been able to do since leaving to care for my mother.  This was my dream for retirement and I am not ready to give it up.  It also allows Libby the freedom to develop and expand the online business and expand the goods we carry—another dream we are not ready to give up.  She will continue to support our Spokane customers with pop up shops and special events and we hope to continue to have your business and friendship through our online presence and special events.


Here are answers to questions we expect you to have.  First, the Indie Club continues and is growing every day with new members, new designers and new yarns.  All of our members will receive their monthly installments through the mail.   Second, we have a complete record of all current gift certificates for AGY and all of those will be honored through our online store.  There are two types of certificates in circulation, paper and plastic.  The quickest way to redeem your gift certificates will be to notify us at  If you have a plastic gift card, we have a full record of your credits in our Point Of Sale system.  If you have a paper card, we ask that you take a photo or scan your paper certificate and attach it your email when you contact us.  You will be assigned a code that can be entered when you make the purchase and you will receive the appropriate credit for your certificate.  Third, the AGY membership club has run it course.   If you have a current paid membership, that is one that you bought for $10 in the last year or were grandfathered in as a charter member, we will give you a $10 credit on your first purchase from the online store.  You will need to follow the same procedure outlined above, notify us of your membership with your AGY number and a picture or scan of your card.   It will be verified in the Point Of Sale system and we will apply the credit to your purchase.   Please realize that with the quantity of transactions we process we will not automatically know your AGY status.  You will have to let us know.  We will be implementing a new (free) customer program with benefits and savings on the website.  Finally the annual AGY Retreat will continue in new forms and new places.  So please follow our blog and online posting to hear more news as that develops.


With great gratitude for your support and friendship, we ask you to follow us on this new adventure and keep on crafting!!

Nancy (and Libby)