veterans day appreciation

Last week my son came home from school and told me he learned a song that reminded him of Grandpa Hupp, my maternal grandfather.  In music class they started a new song about a soldier. Before learning the words, his music teacher asked anyone who knew a soldier to stand up.  Owen raised his hand and asked if the soldier he knew had died, should he still stand up?  Of course he did and learned his song for their Veteran's Day Appreciation assembly at school.  

Owen was only three when my grandfather passed away but he insists he remembers him and his funeral.  The rifle shots at the grave site stand out and he remembers running up and down the ramp at the funeral home before the service.  On this Veterans Day, I asked my mom to send us a picture of Grandpa in his uniform so I can show Owen what he looked like as a young man. As Owen's soldier.