fair isle season

If you spend any time walking around AGY you will quickly see that colorwork is a passion.  While we love our indie hand-dyes there is something special about the traditional wools that call out for fair isle techniques.  And this is the time of year to wear these works of art.  This gorgeous article from Selvedge magazine (an absolute must read magazine for fiber lovers) gives a fantastic history of fair isle.  Click HERE for the full article on the Selvedge blog and enjoy with a cup of coffee and your favorite colorwork project. 

hello december


It's an AGY tradition to spend December sharing stories, favorite patterns and gift ideas in a daily post.  So join us here for a little bit of warm holiday spirit to help keep away the cold! 

SKI SCHOOL march knit along

Our final month of SKI SCHOOL brings us to a skill that really shows off our expertise.  Now that you’ve warmed up and gotten going with traveling stitches and bobbles, it’s time to show off and fly with some tricks! Utilizing slipped stitches and striping colors you can create plaid with simple knitting. Choose between a shawl or scarf, multiple colors or two, and decide how you are going to wow the crowd.

Color It Plaid Shawl  by Melanie Berg

Color It Plaid Shawl by Melanie Berg

Kex Scarf  by Jared Flood

Kex Scarf by Jared Flood

spokane classes

We know that one thing that will be missed about the shop is the ability to stop in and get help and I wanted to pass along the good news that one of your favorite teachers, Sarah Stevens, will be continuing to support the Spokane community with drop-ins and classes!  She has put together the following schedule of classes and events and is also available to arrange private lessons.


January Classes/Happenings/Events:

Friday January 16th 4:30-6pm 
Location: North Spokane County Library
Event: Drop in Class.
If you have an existing AGY punch card for drop in classes I will be honoring them and offering a new one when that one runs out :)

*Friday January 16th 6-7pm** 
Location: North Spokane County Library 
Event: Trunk Show** 
Oh! Loops Mini trunk show. There will be a intimate selection of goodies from the Oh! Loops Etsy shop available for purchase.

Friday January 16th 7-10pm 
Location: North Spokane County Library 
Event: Knit night
Come hang out and knit! You are welcome to bring food or non-alcoholic drinks if you would like.

Tuesday January 20th and January 27th 10am - 12pm 
Location: Petit Chat Bakery 9910 N. Waikiki Rd Spokane Wa. 99218 
Class: Beginning knitting in the Round
Price: $45 
Instructor: Sarah 
Description: Follow-up on your newfound knitting skills by learning to work in the round 
Supplies Needed: US 7 16” needles and any worsted weight yarn. 
Pattern supplied with class

Thursday January 22nd 4-6pm 
Location: Service Station on Nevada 
Class: Tube Socks (for Kids)
Price: $25 
Instructor: Sarah 
Description: Learn to knit socks toe-up using a Turkish cast on. These adorable toe-up tube socks feature no heel making them perfect beginning socks.
Supplies Needed: US 2 24” or 32” circular needle and any fingering weight yarn 
Pattern supplied with class

Saturday January 24th & January 31st 11am-1pm 
Location: Service Station on Nevada 
Class: Intro to Knitting
Price: $45 
Instructor: Sarah 
Description:Introduction to knitting. Learn to Cast on, Knit, Purl, and Bind off. 
Supplies Needed: US size 7 32” Circular knitting needle and any worsted weight yarn. Pattern supplied with class

Friday January 30th 4:30-6pm 
Location: North Spokane County Library
Class: Drop in Class
If you have an existing AGY punch card for drop in classes I will be honoring them and offering a new one when that one runs out :)

Friday January 30th 6-7pm 
Location: North Spokane County Library 
Event: Trunk Show
Oh! Loops Mini trunk show. There will be a intimate selection of goodies from the Oh! Loops Etsy shop available for purchase.

Friday January 30th 7-10pm 
Location: North Spokane County Library 
Event: Knit Night
Come hang out and knit! You are welcome to bring food or non-alcoholic drinks if you would like.

dear friends of a grand yarn


In Libby's earlier post we shared with you the news that we were leaving our location of the last four and a half years on Grand Boulevard.  We have truly loved that space, the beautiful view of the Cathedral from the front window, the wonderful light throughout the day, and all of the wonderful people who have walked through our front door.  The time has come to embrace change and so began our journey into a New Year and a new brick and mortar for A Grand Yarn.   We were not entirely sure how that journey would end but our boxes were packed and loaded last week while we contemplated our next location.


This was a hard and challenging decision for us and given our circumstances it had to be made in a very short amount of time. But decide we did and we are excited to announce that we have found a lovely new storefront in a historic village eight miles from my birthplace in Missouri.  It is a national historic site and a place where I played as a child, took my children for picnics and watched my son get married.  Relocating the brick and mortar portion of our business to the Village of Arrow Rock, Missouri is a good decision for our business and for our family.    But it is a difficult decision to make because we know how much many of you love our Spokane store.  We know that our success would not be without the support of our Spokane customers and we will miss seeing you every day.  Nevertheless, we look forward to this new chapter and to the opportunity to serve you through our online store.  


Having the storefront in Missouri allows me to participate in the management of the store—something I have not been able to do since leaving to care for my mother.  This was my dream for retirement and I am not ready to give it up.  It also allows Libby the freedom to develop and expand the online business and expand the goods we carry—another dream we are not ready to give up.  She will continue to support our Spokane customers with pop up shops and special events and we hope to continue to have your business and friendship through our online presence and special events.


Here are answers to questions we expect you to have.  First, the Indie Club continues and is growing every day with new members, new designers and new yarns.  All of our members will receive their monthly installments through the mail.   Second, we have a complete record of all current gift certificates for AGY and all of those will be honored through our online store.  There are two types of certificates in circulation, paper and plastic.  The quickest way to redeem your gift certificates will be to notify us at info@agrandyarn.com.  If you have a plastic gift card, we have a full record of your credits in our Point Of Sale system.  If you have a paper card, we ask that you take a photo or scan your paper certificate and attach it your email when you contact us.  You will be assigned a code that can be entered when you make the purchase and you will receive the appropriate credit for your certificate.  Third, the AGY membership club has run it course.   If you have a current paid membership, that is one that you bought for $10 in the last year or were grandfathered in as a charter member, we will give you a $10 credit on your first purchase from the online store.  You will need to follow the same procedure outlined above, notify us of your membership with your AGY number and a picture or scan of your card.   It will be verified in the Point Of Sale system and we will apply the credit to your purchase.   Please realize that with the quantity of transactions we process we will not automatically know your AGY status.  You will have to let us know.  We will be implementing a new (free) customer program with benefits and savings on the website.  Finally the annual AGY Retreat will continue in new forms and new places.  So please follow our blog and online posting to hear more news as that develops.


With great gratitude for your support and friendship, we ask you to follow us on this new adventure and keep on crafting!!

Nancy (and Libby)

and the journey begins

If you’ve stopped by the store in the last week, you’ve probably noticed the wall of boxes we’ve started piling in the back!  So it may be no surprise to you that AGY is in the process of moving.  Where to?  Well, that is still not quite pinned down.  What we do know is that we will be closing December 24th and reopening in January (hopefully, early January).  We have decided we are just going to embrace the journey and have fun along the way!  So stop by tomorrow and Wednesday for lots going on in the store.  We will, of course, be packing.  So come help lighten our load with 20% off everything on the shelves, hanging, or unpacked back stock.  Once a box has been sealed its contents go back to regular price and it will be available online until we reach our new location.  We will be handing out $10 off coupons to use online in January with each purchase over $75.  And when you stop by, be sure to drop your name in our jar to be entered to win a copy of Shannon Cook and Jane Richmond’s appropriately named “Journey” pattern collaboration to celebrate this new leg of the AGY journey!!!


December 23rd: 11-6pm

December 24th: 11-4pm

December 25th: CLOSED

a kit of our favorite parts

This collection of tools is a "most favorite" list of the small notions that we at AGY use every single day.  These are the little knick knacks that you can never have too many of--they save your sanity when you are stuck in the middle of your work!  We've compiled them into a cute project bag you can simply grab on the go to give to the crafter you love! 

swans island aran

If you know me, you know that I LOVE Swans Island yarns.  The natural dye color and quality of wool is always a pleasure to work with.  Sadly, Swans Island is discontinuing one of their yarns--the EcoWash Aran.  But it's happy news for you!   Through the end of the week (Saturday, December 20th) Swans Island Aran is 40% off!  Grab a few skeins and a project bag for your favorite knitter!   Two skeins is all you need for the darling Lodgepole Hat by Sara Gresbach.

cozy and warm

In Spokane, the temperature is dropping.  After a very mild beginning to December the 30s predicted for this week are much more along the lines of what we normally would expect.  This morning taking the kids to the bus stop I realized, though, that I need to pull out the warmer socks and thicker mittens again! This darling Fancy Mug Cozy will help your warm drink stay that way a little bit longer and brighten the mood through the colder days.  A very fast knit out of Cascade's new superwash worsted weight Longwood, these make great teacher gifts!  Ariel made this one up out of the gorgeous bright purple. 

holiday tunes

This year I'm having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit.  It might be the unusually warm weather or just the amount of things to be done this time of year.  A friend suggested she was listening to holiday music and I thought it would be fun to compile a list for inspiration.   Here it is on Spotify, you can listen for free on your computer, phone, or iPad.  Click on the link below and enjoy!

a grand christmas

for the techie

This gorgeous Corylus cabled tablet cover is a great git idea for the college kid, friend who's always on the go, or the hard to buy for person in your life!  The cable pattern allows for stretch as well as structure.  Worked up out of the plied Swans Island Bulky this cover is a deceptively quick knit. 

very crafty

During holiday season, I am always on the lookout for fun crafts that I can do with my kids.  There is a fine line between a fun afternoon project and a complete disaster.  I came across this darling garland project and thought it was just the right thing.  I could use up yarn from my scrap basket and the bows do not have to be perfect to be cute!  We will be stringing up our garland along the stairs! 

Click HERE to get to the sew.craft.create tutorial and make one of your own!

for the boys

This darling Father and Son Knit Tie is a free pattern on the Purl Bee blog.  Sarah knit one up quickly in Spud & Chloe Fine.  The bit of silk in the Spud & Chloe gives it a little personality for that holiday party the boys in your life need to dress up for this year!


a gift for you!

Who doesn't love Madelinetosh?  And who doesn't love this inspired holiday image they've created?  

Madelinetosh is a joy to work with and a joy to wear.  To celebrate this fun yarn during the holiday season we are offering ALL Madelinetosh for 40% off.  That's right, all the Madelinetosh we have in store (Tosh Sock, Tosh Light, Tosh DK, Pashmina, Vintage, and Unicorn Tails) will be 40% off through close on Saturday, December 13th.  Stop in early to get a gift for your favorite fiber fan (and that could be you)!!!

photo credit: www.madelinetosh.com

photo credit: www.madelinetosh.com